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John had only recently begun working on a collection of A-rolls for nickelodeons (multi-tune rolls which do not play on a regular player piano). The first five, containing hot jazz numbers arranged by John, are available with a few more to follow, that were unpublished at the time of his passing. They are priced at $65 each plus $10 postage to US addresses (others please contact for postal rates), order from Bob Billings, myself or John Mottoros.

Here are the tune lists :

Roll A1:
1. King Chanticleer
2. Beale Street Blues
3. Blues
4. Jesse James
5. Dallas Drag
6. Willie The Weeper
7. Zonky
8. Too Much Mustard

Roll A2:
1. Kaycee On My Mind
2. Just Gone
3. Cow Cow Boogie
4. Bleeding Hearted Blues
5. 133rd Street Boogie
6. Chicago Breakdown
7. Shuffle Boogie

Roll A3 :
1. Handful of Keys
2. Baby Face
3. Wildcat Blues
4. Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
5. Wedding of the Painted Doll
6. Shout, Sister, Shout
7. Brown Skin Mama
8. Eccentric
9. Atlanta Blues
Roll A4 :
1. Cushion Foot Stomp
2. Original E-flat Blues
3. Fast Stuff Blues
4. Creole Belles
5. Harlem Hotcha
6. Canadian Capers
7. Hungarian Rag
8. The Curse of an Aching Heart
9. I Got Rhythm
Roll A5 :
1.  Kansas City Kitty

2.  Black Bottom Stomp

3.  Goin' About  

4.  New Orleans Stomp

5.  Copenhagen

6.  Freshman Hop

7.  Never Swat a Fly

8.  Carolina Shout

9.  Rattlesnake Rag