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The entire collection of John's work, numbering over 600 tunes, has been converted to MIDI file, which are available to purchase. If you would like to receive a copy of the list, you can download it now or drop me an email request.

Currently, only 212 of these tunes are available as jazz transcriptions. For the full list and for ordering information, please go to the jazz transcriptions page or download the transcription list.


Full Of Tricks  [hpc099].mid
From Monday On  [jam159].mid
Frisco Rider  [hpc154].mid
1.Hallelujah  2. Zonky  [jzm085].mid
Fingers On Holiday  [hpc139].mid
Flapper Rag, The  [jam023].mid
Kute and Kunning  [hpc186].mid
Kitten on the Keys  [jam150].mid
Krazy Kat Rag  [hpc079].mid
Kiss Me Sweet  [jam212].mid
King Porter Stomp  [jzm087].mid
King Porter Stomp  [hpc227].mid
King Porter Stomp  [hpc124].mid
Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now  [JAM142].mid
Love Is The Sweetest Thing  [uniss].mid
Lullaby In Rhythm  [jam216].mid
Lonesome, Lovesick (Got to Have My Daddy Blues)  [hpc140].mid
Love Is Just Around The Corner  [hpc247].mid
Lolly Pops  [hpc164].mid
Lock and Key  [jam239].mid
American Tempo  [hpc132].mid
Liza  [hpc170].mid
Little Wabash Special  [hpc213].mid
Little New Yorker, The  [jam011].mid
Little Wonder  [hpc202].mid
Limehouse Blues  [jam025].mid
Last Go Round Blues  [web].mid
Landlord Blues,The [hpc189].mid
Lady Be Good  [jam051].mid
Ladder, The  [hpc163].mid
Krenzberry Dressing  [jam047].mid
Carolina In The Morning  [jam121].mid
Black Bottom Stomp  [hpc093].mid
F Minor Drag, The  [jam127].mid
Monday Struggle  [jam198].mid
Mindin' The Baby  [hpc114].mid
China Jumps  [jam187].mid
China Boy  [hpc067].mid
Everybody Loves My Baby  [jzm102].mid
Everybody Loves My Baby  [hpc063].mid
I'm Proud of a Baby Like You  [jzm029].mid
I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket  [jam215].mid
I'm Gonna Stomp Mr. Henry Lee  [hpc135].mid
I'm Goin' Back to Bottomland  [jam063].mid
I'm Not Worrying  [jam226].mid
I'm Coming, Virginia  [hpc107].mid
I'll See You In My Dreams  [jam117].mid
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter  [hpc172].mid
I'll Dance At Your Wedding  [hpc072].mid
I Would Do Anything For You  [hpc094].mid
I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate  [jam180].mid
Gershwin Hot Foxtrot Medley 1.My One and Only 2.I've Got (1).mid
Get Happy  [hpc118].mid
Georgia Rainbow  [hpc208].mid
Gasoline Rag  [jam105].mid
Fussiin'  [hpc054].mid
Funky Rag  [hpc180].mid
In A Mezz  [uniss].mid
Improvisations on Pinetop's Boogie Woogie  [hpc144].mid
Igloo Stomp  [jam013].mid
King Chanticleer  [jam219].mid
Keep Off The Grass  [hpc048].mid
Keep Your Temper  [jam058].mid
Kaycee On My Mind  [jam196].mid
Karessin' The Keys  [jam062].mid
Kansas City Stomps  [hpc150].mid
Kaycee Feeling  [hpc045].mid
Kansas City Kitty  [uniss].mid
Millenium Rag  [JAM136].mid
Martinique  [jam183].mid
Mandy, Make Up Your Mind  [jzm100].mid
Mandy, Make Up Your Mind  [hpc104].mid
Mandy Lee Blues (Farrell)  [hpc008].mid
Michigan Water Blues  [jam089].mid
Mandy Lee Blues (Ewell)  [jzm091].mid
Mandy Lee Blues (Ewell)  [hpc029].mid
Maple Leaf Rag  [jam037].mid
Ma!  (He's Making Eyes At Me)  [jzm082].mid
Ma!  (He's Making Eyes At Me)  [hpc064].mid
Mabel's Dream  [hpc074].mid
Love Me or Leave Me  [jam197].mid
Love Me or Leave Me  [jam085].mid
Joint Is Jumpin, The  [hpc077].mid
Joe Turner Blues  [hpc068].mid
Jitterbug Waltz  jzm097].mid
Jitterbug Waltz  [hpc128].mid
Jingles  [jzm075].mid
Jingles  [hpc004].mid
Jingle Bells  [hpc226].mid
Jimmie Blues  [jam161].mid
Jim Jams  [jam213].mid
Jesse James  [jam195].mid
Jelly Roll Stomp  [hpc098].mid
Jeepers Creepers  jzm083].mid
Jeepers Creepers  [hpc084].mid
Stavin' Change (The Meanest Man in New Orleans)  [hpc141].mid
Stealin' Apples  [hpc207].mid
Starfish Strut  [jam019].mid
St. Louis Shuffle  [hpc242].mid
Believe It, Beloved  [hpc241].mid
Chicago Breakdown  [jam042].mid
Serious WeIrdness 1. Phil the Fluter's Ball, 2. Mead and Woa.mid
Sensation  [jam162].mid
Search Light Rag  [jam156].mid
Scram!  [uniss].mid
Save It Pretty Mama  [jam191].mid
Scouting Around  [jam211].mid
Satisfaction  [JAM143].mid
Sandalwood Stomp  [jam064].mid
Samo Blues  [web].mid
Sacre Bleu Stomp  [hpc197].mid
S'Wonderful  [jam123].mid
Runnin' Wild  [jzm071].mid
Runnin' Wild  [hpc253].mid
Runaway Rag  [jam003].mid
Rubber Plant Rag (A Stretcherette)  [hpc185].mid
Rumpus Rag  [jam054].mid
Royal Garden Blues  [jam202].mid
Royal Garden Blues  [hpc095].mid
Sabre Dance Boogie  [jam102].mid
Rosetta  [hpc039].mid
Rolling Avocado  [hpc245].mid
Roll 'Em  [jam184].mid
Riverboat Shuffle  [hpc174].mid
Rip 'Em Up, Joe  (Funky Butt Rag)  [hpc171].mid
Rippling Waters  [hpc211].mid
Ringtail Blues  [hpc071].mid
Ring Dem Bells  [hpc125].mid
Riffs  [hpc034].mid
Rattlesnake Rag  [jam068].mid
Ragtime Nightingale  [jzm020].mid
Ragpicker's Nose, The  [hpc076].mid
Rag Medley  1.The Hot Mohican, 2.Cowboy Capers  [hpc129].mid
Raggy Fox Trot, The  [jam099].mid
St. Louis Gal  [jam170].mid
St. Louis Blues  [jzm016].mid
St. Louis Blues  [jam203].mid
St. Louis Blues  [jam033].mid
Squeeze Me  [uniss].mid
Spring Fever  [hpc021].mid
Special Friends Medley 1. Deep Henderson 2. Chopsticks  [uni.mid
Spring Fervor  [jam100].mid
Glad Rag Doll  [jam107].mid
Giggler Rag, The  [hpc168].mid
Gershwin Hot Foxtrot Medley 1.My One and Only 2.I've Got Rhy.mid
If It Ain't Love  [jam225].mid
If I Could Be With You  [jam223].mid
If I Could Be With You  [jam069].mid
Heliotrope Bouquet  [hpc259].mid
Hello Jelly  [jam124].mid
He Ain't Got Rhythm  [jam229].mid
Have You Met Miss Jones  [jam238].mid
Has Anyone Seen Corrine  [jam194].mid
Heebie Jeebies  [hpc206].mid
Harlem Rag  [hpc196].mid
Harlem Hotcha  [jam179].mid
Hard Luck Lulu  [hpc194].mid
Happy Feet  [hpc201].mid
Hank's Special  [jam087].mid
Handful of Keys  [jzm086].mid
Guess Who's In Town  [jam074].mid
Got A Date With An Angel  [web].mid
Handful of Keys  [hpc007].mid
Goin' About  [jam193].mid
Goin' About  [hpc134].mid
Gladyse  [hpc238].mid
Racehorse Rag, The  [hpc108].mid
Rag A La Russe  [jam008].mid
Queen Isabella.mid
Puttin' On The Dog  [hpc016].mid
Raindrops  [hpc109].mid
Poor Katie Redd  [jam160].mid
Poor Jimmy Green  [hpc200].mid
Poodle Rag, The  [hpc105].mid
Pinelands Shuffle (A Folk Rag)  [JAM141].mid
Pinetop's Blues  [hpc085].mid
Pilgrim's Polkadot (American Dance #2)  [jam028].mid
Pick Yourself Up  [jam236].mid
Pianotes  [jam055].mid
Pianomania  [jam004].mid
Pianola Rag  [jam057].mid
Pianola  [hpc222].mid
Pianogram  [hpc031].mid
Piano Salad  [jam035].mid
Piano Puzzle  [hpc165].mid
Piano Price Rag  [web].mid
Perils of Pauline  [jam026].mid
Pep  [hpc002].mid
Pelican Stomp  [hpc065].mid
Pearls, The  [jam081].mid
Pearls, The  [hpc115].mid
Pearl House Rag  [hpc070].mid
Pass The Jug (version 2)  [web].mid
Pass the Jug  [jam228].mid
Pass The Jug  [web].mid
Pass The Jug  [jzm081].mid
Pasadena Shout, The  [hpc230].mid
Pass The Jug  [hpc020].mid
Papa De Da Da  [jam014].mid
Panama Rag  [hpc010].mid
Pagiin' Mr. Jelly  [jzm095].mid
Over The Bars (Steeplechase Rag)  [hpc088].mid
Pagiin' Mr. Jelly  [hpc026].mid
Original Jelly Roll Blues  [hpc228].mid
Ostrich Walk  [jzm022].mid
Oriental Tones  [hpc046].mid
One O'Clock Jump  [hpc050].mid
On the Sunny Side of the Street  [jam234].mid
On the Town  [jam094].mid
On Treasure Island  [hpc087].mid
On The Pike  [hpc182].mid
Old Fashioned Love  [jam233].mid
Old Man Harlem  [hpc025].mid
Oil Well  [jzm021].mid
Oh, Baby!  [uniss].mid
Oh Peter (You're So Nice)  [jam112].mid
Oh Baby!  [hpc019].mid
Of All the Wrongs You've Done To Me  [jzm032].mid
Novelty Rag Medley 1.Upright and Grand 2.Symphonola  [hpc173.mid
Novelty Rag Medley  1.A Bunch of Keys 2. Peanut Cackle  [hpc.mid
Occident Express  [hpc024].mid
Nothin'  [hpc023].mid
Note Crazy  [jam115].mid
Nobody's Sweetheart  [jam049].mid
Not My Girl  [jam157].mid
Nobody But My Baby  [web].mid
No Complaints  [jam097].mid
Nite Life  [jam129].mid
Nickel Nabber Blues  [jam005].mid
Night Club  [hpc219].mid
New Orleans Stomp  [jam043].mid
Naggin' Dragon Blues  [jam048].mid
Naked Dance, The  [hpc030].mid
Nagasaki  [jam131].mid
My Old Daddy's Got A Brand New Way To Love  [hpc248].mid
Nagasaki  [jam052].mid
My Melancholy Baby  [jam077].mid
My Monday Date  [jam232].mid
My Baby Just Cares for Me  [jam060].mid
My Blue Heaven  [jam111].mid
Muskrat Ramble  [jzm072].mid
Muskrat Ramble  [jam189].mid
Music Box Rag, The  [jam018].mid
Muskrat Ramble  [hpc049].mid
Euday Bowman Rag Medley  [hpc062].mid
Ecuadorian Memories  [hpc044].mid
Christopher Columbus  [jam046].mid
Begin the Beguine  [jam032].mid
Big Fat Ham  [hpc018].mid
Smashing Thirds  [jam065].mid
Singin' The Blues  [hpc040].mid
Sing, Sing, Sing  [hpc130].mid
Shreveport Farewell  [hpc156].mid
Shuffle Boogie  [jam199].mid
Shreveport  [jzm014].mid
Showboat Rag  [jam070].mid
Shout, Sister, Shout  [jam041].mid
Shootin' the Chutes  [hpc121].mid
Shout, The  [hpc059].mid
Shine  [jzm078].mid
Shine  [jam106].mid
Shine  [hpc235].mid
Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble  [jam044].mid
Sheltered By The Stars  [jam169].mid
Sheik of Araby, The  [jam214].mid
Sweet Savannah Sue  [hpc061].mid
Sweet Substitute  [hpc255].mid
Sweet Georgia Brown  [jam132].mid
Sweet Man  [jam056].mid
Sweet Baby Doll  [jam163].mid
Sunday Rag  [hpc199].mid
Freshman Hop  [138].mid
Freakish  [hpc001].mid
Four O'Clock Blues  [jam222].mid
Junkman Rag  [hpc078].mid
Jungle Blues  [hpc155].mid
Jumpin' The Blues  [hpc033].mid
Jubilee  [hpc162].mid
Joint Is Jumpin, The  [jzm096].mid
Zymurgy Rag  [hpc097].mid
Zonky  [web].mid
You've Got To Be Modernistic  [hpc009].mid
You Turned The Tables On Me  [web].mid
Darktown Strutters' Ball, The  [jam188].mid
Curse of an Aching Heart, The  [JAM139].mid
Cushion Foot Stomp  [jzm026].mid
When You and I Were Young Maggie  [jam120].mid
When You're Smiling  [hpc036].mid
Whipping The Keys  [hpc041].mid
When Lights Are Low  [hpc223].mid
What's the Reason (I'm Not Pleasin' You)  [jam175].mid
When Gabriel Blows His Horn  [hpc203].mid
What's The Matter Now  [jam017].mid
What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry  [jzm017].mid
What Is This Called Love  [jam205].mid
Bach Up To Me  [hpc137].mid
Confessin' The Blues  [jam207].mid
Bouncing Around  [jam109].mid
Jazz Me Blues, The  [hpc260].mid
It Had To Be You  [web].mid
Isn't This A Lovely Day  [jam230].mid
It Don't Mean A Thing (if it ain't got that swing)  [hpc249].mid
In Orbit  [jam084].mid
In A Mist  [hpc028].mid
Jazz Mistress, The  [jam027].mid
Jazz-O-Piano  [jam072].mid
Jazz Master, The  [hpc073].mid
Jazz Battle  [jam030].mid
Eye Opener  [jam088].mid
Eccentric (That Eccentric Rag)  [jam221].mid
Echoes of Carolina  [hpc187].mid
Jacksonville Gal  [jzm025].mid
It's Up To You  [jam166].mid
If I Had You  [jzm028].mid
I've Got a Date with an Angel  [jzm039].mid
If Dreams Come True  [hpc006].mid
I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody  [jam151].mid
I Never Knew (That Roses Grew)  [jzm030].mid
I Used to Love You  [hpc113].mid
I Wish I Could Shimmie Like My Sister Kate  [hpc083].mid
Just In Tyme  [jam181].mid
Just Gone  [jam165].mid
Jungle Jive Boogie  [hpc181].mid
Hungarian Rag  [jzm084].mid
How Can You Face Me  [hpc169].mid
Hungarian Rag  [hpc216].mid
Hot Piano  [hpc159].mid
Hot Fingers  [jam114].mid
Hors D'Oeuvre  [jam082].mid
After You've Gone  [jam185].mid
After Hours  [jam149].mid
The Man In The Moon  [web].mid
Tea for Two  [hpc151].mid
Tatum Plays the Blues  [jzm089].mid
Tea For Two  [jam080].mid
Tatters Rag  [hpc035].mid
Take Me to the Midnight Cakewalk Ball  [jzm073].mid
Take Me to the Midnight Cakewalk Ball  [hpc145].mid
Tan Manhattan  [jam024].mid
Take It In Stride  [uniss].mid
Wild Flower Rag  [jam059].mid
Whitewash Man, The  [hpc091].mid
Earl Hines Medley 1.A Monday Date 2.Rosetta  [JAM135].mid
Wedding of the Painted Doll, The  [hpc176].mid
Weeping Blues  [jam240].mid
Watermelon Whispers  [jam096].mid
Watermelon Trust, The  [hpc126].mid
Weatherbird Rag  [hpc090].mid
Waltz in Ragtime  [jam101].mid
Can't We Be Friends  [jam186].mid
Worried and Lonesome Blues  [jam173].mid
X. L. Rag  [hpc161].mid
Woo Woo  [jam201].mid
Wolverine Blues  [hpc003].mid
Someday Sweetheart  [jam034].mid
Snowy Morning Blues  [hpc160].mid
Space Shuffle  [hpc011].mid
Snow Shoes  [jam020].mid
Sneakaway  [jam022].mid
Atlanta Rag  [hpc092].mid
The Rag That Got Away From Me  [jam154].mid
The Vamp  [Ginny Special].mid
The Ladies Who Sing With the Band  [jam182].mid
That's A'Plenty  [JAM140].mid
Answer To The Boogie  [hpc102].mid
Fats Waller Medley # 2 (1.Spreadin' Rhythm Around 2.Why Do I.mid
Fats Waller Medley # 1 (1.Hold My Hand 2.Don't Let It Bother.mid
Fats Waller Rhythm Medley # 3  [jam 177].mid
Dixie Blossoms  [jam091].mid
Dive Bomber  [jam206].mid
Dinah  [jam155].mid
All The Things You Are  [jzm079].mid
Antiquary  [jam076].mid
Charleston Rag, The  [hpc234].mid
Chase The Ace  [hpc122].mid
1.Scoutin' Around  2.Toddlin' Home  [jam110].mid
Dictys on 7th Avenue (A Modern Rag)  [hpc153].mid
A Shine On Your Shoes  [hpc178].mid
Cattin' On the Keys  [jam090].mid
Cat On The Keyboard  [jam021].mid
1. Black'n Blue (A Finger Contusion)  2. Steps  [jam053].mid
Sugar  [jam073].mid
Stopped Up Syncopation  [jzm094].mid
Stopped Up Syncopation  [hpc184].mid
Dainty Foot Glide, The [hpc198].mid
About A Quarter To Nine  [web].mid
Feedin' the Kitty  [jam029].mid
Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me  [hpc117].mid
Blues for Fay  [jam086].mid
Bed Bugs  [uniss].mid
Bob Zurke Medley  [web].mid
1.Sweet Emmalina, My Gal  2.Emaline  [hpc239].mid
Fats Waller's London Suite (Part 1) 1.Bond Street 2. Piccadi.mid
Alligator Gravy  [hpc177].mid
Alligator Crawl  [hpc37].mid
Dog on the Piano  [hpc112].mid
Dog Town Blues  [web].mid
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea  [JAM146].mid
Baby Brown  [jzm034].mid
Fats Waller's Original E Flat Blues  [web].mid
Fats Waller Rhythm Medley # 4  [jam178].mid
Carolina Shout  [hpc244].mid
Carolina Balmoral  [jzm076].mid
1. E Flat Blues_ 2. I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling  [hpc232].mid
Crossed Hands  [hpc042].mid
Creole Song  [jam016].mid
Cow Cow Boogie  [uniss].mid
Coquette  [uniss].mid
You Can't Lose A Broken Heart (version 2)  [web].mid
You're A Lucky Guy  [web].mid
You Can't Lose A Broken Heart  [web].mid
You Can't Lose A Broken Heart  [jam164].mid
You Can't Do What My Last Man Did  [jam061].mid
You Cant Get Lovin' (Where There Ain't Any Love)  [hpc146].mid
You Can Depend On Me  [web].mid
Yellow Dog Blues  [jam172].mid
Yancey Special  [hpc066].mid
Yacht Club Swing  [jam218].mid
You Took Advantage of Me  [jam066].mid
You Took Advantage Of Me  [jam217].mid
You Tell 'Em Ivories  [jam015].mid
You Don't Understand  [jam010].mid
Black Beauty  [jam158].mid
Blue Turning Grey Over You  [JAM137].mid
Blueberries  [jam092].mid
All The Things You Are  [web].mid
Doin' The Shim Sham  [hpc215].mid
Don't Be That Way  [hpc043].mid
A Porter's Love Song  [web].mid
Monkey Business  [hpc220].mid
Modulations (Stepping on the Keys)  [hpc119].mid
Carolina Balmoral  [hpc133].mid
All The Wrongs You've Done To Me  [web].mid
All The Grapes  [hpc195].mid
African Suite, 1. Mississippi Shivers, 2. High Hattin'', 3. .mid
Birmingham Breakdown  [jam237].mid
Careless Love  [jzm036].mid
Candy Lips  [jam167].mid
Crave, The  [hpc022].mid
Walleritis  [jzm015].mid
Walkin' My Baby Back Home  [hpc188].mid
Walkin' the Bass  [jam153].mid
Waiting At the End of the Road  [jam176].mid
Virginia Creeper  [jam116].mid
Villain, The  [hpc012].mid
Victory Rag  [hpc175].mid
Valentine Stomp  [jam133].mid
Usen't You Used To Be My Sweetie  [hpc081].mid
Blue Streak  [hpc138].mid
Sunday  [jam231].mid
Sunday  [jam148].mid
Summer Solace  [hpc229].mid
Suitcase Blues  [jam204].mid
Sugar Rush  [hpc051].mid
Sugar Rose  [jam192].mid
1.Can't We Get Together (1929)  2. There'll Come a Time When.mid
Unsaturated Fats  [uniss].mid
Turner Shout  [hpc217].mid
Truckin'  [jzm098].mid
Truckin'  [hpc240].mid
Tribute To Fats Waller  [JAM144].mid
Whoa! Nellie!  [hpc210].mid
Whippiin' The Ivories  [hpc096].mid
Bear Tracks  [hpc082].mid
A Ghost Of A Chance  [uniss].mid
Ballin' The Jack  hpc231].mid
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes  [jzm031].mid
Smoke and Mirrors  [jam152].mid
Baked Alaska  [hpc142].mid
Chili Pepper  [jam012].mid
Childish Tricks  [hpc179].mid
Canadian Capers  [jzm018].mid
Death Ray Boogie  [hpc101].mid
Dazzler, The  [hpc246].mid
Baltimore Todolo, The [hpc192].mid
Buck Shots (Somethin' To Shoot At)  [jzm088].mid
Buddy's Habit  [jam040].mid
Fat Frances  [hpc038].mid
Fascinator,The  [hpc191].mid
Fascination  [jzm027].mid
Mr. Joe (Buffalo Blues)  [hpc055].mid
Mule Walk, The  [jam125].mid
Mr. Freddie Blues  [hpc075].mid
Moose Rag  [hpc120].mid
Monkey Puzzle  [hpc069].mid
Too Much Raspberry  [hpc111].mid
Toy Trumpet  [jam083].mid
Toddlin'  [jam200].mid
Tishomingo Blues  [jam209].mid
Tin Roof Blues  [hpc251].mid
Easy Living  [jam227].mid
What My Little Darling Told Me  [hpc131].mid
West Dallas Drag  [jam208].mid
Wedding of the Painted Doll, The  [jzm074].mid
Stomp Medley 1. Broadway Stomp_ 2. Stomping on the Porch  [h.mid
Stompin' Em Down  [hpc060].mid
Stomp De Lowdown  [jam039].mid
1. Alaska Stomp  2. Swanee Stomp  [jam036].mid
Arm Breaker, The  [jam031].mid
Atlanta Blues  [web].mid
Boogie Woogie Jump  [hpc214].mid
Butterfingers  [jam038].mid
Blue Black Bottom  [hpc005].mid
Buck Shots (Somethin' To Shoot At)  [hpc152].mid
Breakin' the Bacon  [hpc148].mid
Willow Tree (A Musical Misery)  [jam134].mid
Windmill Rag  [hpc086].mid
Willie the Weeper  [jam174].mid
Willie The Weeper [hpc017].mid
Wildcat Clues  [hpc056].mid
Copenhagen  [hpc254].mid
Contrary Motion  [jzm077].mid
Birmingham Blues  [hpc190].mid
Arkansas Blues  [jzm033].mid
T'aint Nobody's Bizness if I Do  [jam050].mid
T'Ain't So Honey, T'Ain't So  [jam190].mid
Tack Head Blues  [jam171].mid
Syncopating the Scales  [hpc136].mid
Bargin' In  [hpc236].mid
Bis Scott Rag  [jam119].mid
Billiken Rag  [jam103].mid
Sweet and Low-Down  [uniss].mid
Drinkers' Swing Fox Trot Medley 1. Gin and It  2. Hot Ice  [.mid
Drop Me Off In Harlem  [jam009].mid
California Sunshine  [hpc032].mid
Call Me Shine  [hpc014].mid
Blue Lou  [jam128].mid
Blue Grass Rag  [jam098].mid
All The Things You Are  [hpc225].mid
Usen't You Used To Be My Sweetie.mid
Uncle Sammy At The Piano  [jam002].mid
Uncle Herbie's Rag  [hpc089].mid
Two Sheridan Square  [hpc106].mid
All By Myself  [hpc224].mid
Ain't Misbehavin'  [jam067].mid
Chevy Chase, The  [hpc250].mid
Cheek to Cheek  [hpc256].mid
All Of Me  [jam210].mid
All Of A Twist  [hpc047].mid
Blue Black Blues  [uniss].mid
Bitter Sweets  [hpc158].mid
Alligator Gravy  [jzm093].mid
Angel Food Rag  [jam104].mid
Back Home Again in Indiana  [hpc157].mid
A Bum Rag  [hpc013].mid
1.Hallelujah  2. Zonky  [hpc205].mid
South Rampart St. Parade  [hpc166].mid
Soothing Syrup Stomp  [hpc212].mid
Song of the Wanderer  [jam045].mid
Someday You'll be Sorry  [JAM145].mid
Centennial Rag  [jam242].mid
Carr's Hop  [hpc193].mid
Bluin' The Black Keys  [hpc052].mid
Bob Zurke Medley  [uniss].mid
Contrary Motion  [hpc261].mid
Clover Leaf Rag  [jam113].mid
Popularity  [hpc209].mid
Battling With the Keys  [jam095].mid
Brasillian Maple Leaf  [hpc147].mid
Breakin' In A Pair of Shoes  [hpc221].mid
Changes  [jam168].mid
Changes  [jam108].mid
Davenport Blues  [hpc149].mid
Calico Rag  [jam118].mid
Boston Trot, The  [jam147].mid
Bluin' The Black Keys  [jzm092].mid
Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea  [hpc058].mid
1.Sweet Emmalina, My Gal  2.Emaline  [jzm101].mid
Atlanta Blues  [jzm024].mid
Chopin's Charleston Dream  [jam001].mid
Chromatic Capers  [hpc053].mid
Beale Street Blues  [jzm035].mid
I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan  [jam075].mid
I Got Rhythm  [hpc103].mid
I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me  [jzm019].mid
I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None O' This Jelly-Roll  [hpc237].mid
I Ain't Gonna Tell Nobody  [web].mid
Hyena Stomp  [hpc015].mid
Hustler, The  [jam006].mid
Honolulu Baby  [web].mid
Honeysuckle Rose  [jam078].mid
Honey Hush  [jam241].mid
Honey Babe  [jzm080].mid
Honey Babe  [hpc143].mid
Hold My Hand  [jam224].mid
Hit or Miss  [hpc127].mid
Hindustan  [jam007].mid
Three Sheets in the Ocean, One Foot In The Sunset And You  [.mid
Tia Juana  [hpc080].mid
This Can't Be Love  [hpc257].mid
Thou Swell  [jam130].mid
1. You're Driving Me Crazy_  2. It Had To Be You  [hpc243].mid
133rd Street Boogie  [jam235].mid
1. Man-Shy  2.Celestial Rag  [jam093].mid
Brittwood Rag  [hpc204].mid
Breakin' Notes  [hpc167].mid
'Deed I Do  [hpc252].mid
Charlie's Straight  [jam122].mid
Charleston Rag, The  [jzm090].mid
Don't Jazz Me - Rag (I'm Music)  [hpc100].mid
Dr. Jazz  [jam220].mid
Bleeding Hearted Blues  [hpc183].mid
Blame It On The Blues [ hpc027].mid
1.Hometown Shout_ 2.Walkin' In the Sun  [jam126].mid
I've Found a New Baby  [jzm099].mid
I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling  [web].mid
I've Found a New Baby  [hpc262].mid
Creole Belles  [jam071].mid
Crazy Rhythm  [jam079].mid